All Roads Lead to Rome: Pathways to a Career in ResearchOps

ResearchOps is an emerging discipline that is fundamental to developing a successful UX Research program at scale. But, with the newness of the field and no formal training path, it is somewhat unclear how to start a career in ResearchOps. During this talk we will get familiar with what ResearchOps Teams focus on and how they organize themselves. Consider how you can apply your diverse professional background to responding to the core areas of ResearchOps (e.g., recruitment, data knowledge and management, people), remembering that most people in ResearchOps had early careers in different disciplines and migrated to their current positions. And lastly, given the comprehensive scope and wide-ranging needs of a ResearchOps Team, talk through the unique attributes that will make you shine in a ResearchOps role.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
3:45 pm-4:15 pm
30:00 Minutes
Affecting Change with KnowledgeAffecting Change with Knowledge
Director of Research Operations