Headshot of Sheri Byrne. She has a light skin tone, short straight brown hair, and is wearing glasses.

Sheri Byrne-Haber

Sheri Byrne-Haber is a prominent expert in the fields of disability and accessibility in business and educational settings. She’s best known for launching digital accessibility programs at multiple Fortune 200 companies, including McDonald’s, Albertsons, and VMware—as well as consulting on government accessibility. She was named 2020 Medium Blogger of the Year by the UX Collective, the largest publication on Medium with over 550K readers. Her programs have positively impacted millions of people with disabilities. Sheri’s fun fact is that she learned how to solder from Steve Wozniak and was the first Girl Scout to create a computer science badge in the 70s. She is currently trying to get her wheelchair 720 archery score over 600 and would dearly love to be in the 2024 Paralympic games, though she realizes this is a significant stretch.

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