A’verria Martin

A’verria Martin, Ph.D. is a daring, results-driven leader with 18 years of research and operations experience in both academics and enterprise. Currently, she is the Director of Research Operations at ServiceNow in San Diego, California. Previously to her current role, she spent 15 years in academics with a vast set of roles including study coordination, postdoctoral fellow, and ultimately Director of Geriatric Psychiatry. With a Master’s and Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, her roots are in systems thinking; understanding the delicate relationship and interconnectedness between product, business, and the user, which provides a holistic foundation to research and design at scale. Using this framework, A’verria is deeply invested in developing, refining and implementing policies, procedures and best practices that support researchers and non-researchers to initiate, conduct, and execute effective market, product, customer and UX research using standardized protocols and evidence-based methodology. She is excited to share her journey with you and provide strategies for kickstarting or advancing your career in ResearchOps.

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